Real time reservation

Creative House’s reservation services are provided with Stayfolio platform. 

For inquiries, please contact +82-0504-0904-2002.

Reservation Guide 

- After payment is made and completed, we will send you a confirmation message. 

- Reservation will be canceled if the payment is not made within 12 hours. 

- If conflicting reservations exist for the same room on the same day, the earlier request will be given priority. 

- Cash receipts can be issued when payment is made. Please make a request at the time of reservation.

- To change or cancel reservations, please call or text on +82-0504-0904-2002. 

- Commercial photography, video photography (including advertising, product photography, shopping malls, and SNS markets) and drone photography, which are not previously discussed, is not available. 

Room Rates
Regular season
Peak season(12.21 ~ 1.1) 
1 ~ 2people
3 ~ 4people
1 ~ 2people
3 ~ 4people

-  Charges apply differently depending on the number of people booked. 

- Weekend rates apply on a day before holidays and holidays, Chuseok holidays, New Year holidays, and 12/21 to 1/1.

- The day before holidays and korean nation holidays, Chuseok holidays, New Year holidays, and 12/21 to 1/1 are the peak season.

- One child under 24 months can enter without extra charge.

Things to check before booking 

- Infants and children is also included on the number of personnel, and the maximum an excessive number of people not admission. 

- Minors without guardians and pets are not allowed. 

- Visitors are not allowed to enter the room more than the number of people booked, and the guest is responsible for that. 

- If you sleep more than 3 nights, we will arrange a room including bedding and towels. 

- If you have damaged or lost accommodation facilities and furniture, you can be requested compensation. 

- We specialize in disinfection through contract with a quarantine company. Please understand that you can see bugs or pests due to the nature of the environment. You can't get a refund while staying in a room due to a bug.

Consecutive Stay Discount 
Application criteria
Regular season (weekdays) 2 nights or more
Apply -10% of the total amount

- 10% of the total amount will be discounted if you stay in regular season weekdays (from Sun to Thursdays).
- Discounts are not available during weekends (Fri and Sat) and high season. Peak season is 12/21 - 1/1.
- When you make a reservation, the discount will be applied automatically at the payment stage.

BBQ Guide

- You can freely use the barbecue facility.

- We prepare grill, fireplate, and torch. So please bring charcoal and food.

- It's a quiet residential area. Please be careful not to make any noise late at night.

Refund Policy

Please refer the refund policy below.

Until 10 days before stay
100% refund of total payment
Until 9days before stay
90% refund of total payment
Until 8days before stay
80% refund of total payment
Until 7days before stay
70% refund of total payment
Until 6days before stay
60% refund of total payment
Until 5days before stay
50% refund of total payment
Until 4days before stay
40% refund of total payment
From 3 days before stay
Reservation change and non-refundable

※ If you need to cancel your reservation due to natural disasters, we will give you a 100% refund.


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