A house that arouses New inspiration, CREATIVE HOUSE

CRETIVE HOUSE is a special house built to 

recreate everyday space in the Changshin neighborhood of 

the Jongno district by Creator Group ‘Z_Lab’.

With the meaning that Creative House is ‘a place that arouses 

new inspiration’ and taking into account the meaning of 

the Ancient Innovation Act, ‘creating something new from something old’, 

we have renovated an old Korean traditional house, built in 1937, 

into a unique and private rental house. Creative House

 is the only location within Seoul for both Koreans and foreigners 

to use as a place for lodging, parties, camping, and other small gatherings.

 It allows you to get away from everyday life 

to make special memories with close friends.

Creative House is the ideal location to spend a memorable night 

and visit cultural and historical attractions such as 

the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, the Dongdaemun Night Market 

and the Hanyang cityscape (set to be listed on UNESCO). 





03119) 31, Jong-ro 48-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
tel 0504-0904-2002

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